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What is included in rent?

24-hour maintenance service, Internet, cable TV, weekly pest control service, FREE Shuttle Service to and from Campus, free parking, and a fully furnished unit.


Are utilities included?

Internet, cable TV, water, sewer, electricity, trash, community events, parking, amenity access and much more are all included in your $99 amenity fee due each month.


how much is rent?

Depends on the unit type. You can find our rates on our Leasing Page.


Do i have to move out over Christmas & summer break like on-campus dorms?

No. WestMar Lofts does not require our residents to vacate the community during Christmas and summer break.


is it furnished?

All units are fully furnished with a bed, dresser, full size washer & dryer in-unit, and electric appliances in the kitchen.


What size is the bed?

Full Size Beds


where/how late does the shuttle run?

10pm on weekdays and 9pm on weekends. Our shuttles run to and from Georgia State University (GSU), Georgia Tech (GT), the Atlanta University Center (AUC), and Wal-Mart!


How safe is it?

WestMar has a security team that is on location 24/7. Our security team is located at every primary access point of the community and requires that all residents sign their guests in either at the front desk in the main lobby or at the parking/security attendant booth for the parking deck. Additionally, we have regular foot patrol that conducts community walks 24 hours a day. We also have off-duty APD officers that work on the community Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights each week.


Can I bring my cat/dog?

No. WestMar is a pet-free community.


How long does it take to get approved for housing?

We generally have a 48 to 72-hour turn around for all leasing approvals.


Can I use financial aid to qualify to live at westmar?

Yes, as long as the award letter indicates that the funds to be received by the student will  cover the cost of rent and utilities after all University/College fees have been satisfied.






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